Tax and Accounting Services for the Restaurants Industry


We understand the competitive nature of today’s Restaurant/ QSR market place and the large financial decisions owner/ operators must make regularly in order to stay competitive. At JuvoTax CPA we keep the financial reporting process as convenient as possible concerning your financials. The real value of a financial statement is that it tells you not only your historical cash flow, but where your business is going. If your CPA is not monitoring your financial statements monthly and informing you of any potential problems coming your way or how much your business is cash flowing, then your CPA is doing you a disservice.


At JuvoTax CPA we bring a vast amount of both public accounting and corporate accounting experience to the table. The Internal Revenue Code is constantly changing as new legislation is introduced and we are diligent about tracking potential new tax laws that could affect your overall financial results. Legislation concerning accelerated depreciation such as Section 179 deduction limits and bonus depreciation not only have an effect on taxable income, but may have an effect such as major decisions as whether to rebuild a store or purchase a new store in the current year or wait until next year. While preparing income tax returns each year is necessary, we feel the real value lies in staying on top of tax planning and projecting the impact for several years out.


JuvoTax CPA specializes in consulting projects for our Restaurant/ QSR clients designed to keep them aware of their current financial condition, where their business is going, and where their business can go. Consulting projects include but are not limited to:

Cash Flow Analysis

  • Current store cash flow projections (12 month, 3 Year, 5 Year)
  • Historical cash flow analysis
  • Cash flow projections incorporating personal income tax implications
  • Rebuild and new store cash flow projections

Ratio Analysis

  • Key ratio analysis (cash flow coverage ratio, contribution margin, etc.)
  • Consulting related to securing bank loans

Capital Investment Analysis

  • Reinvestment modeling and planning
  • Cost segregation consulting

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