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Small business owners are usually too busy concentrating on their business to take proper care of their books. Not only is timely and contemporaneous bookkeeping necessary in order to complete accurate income tax returns and other filings, but accurate financial statements derived from properly kept books are essential to any well-run business. A business’ financial statements tell a story of how the business is doing and general health of the business and to ignore this important component could prove costly.


At JuvoTax CPA we bring a vast amount of both public accounting and corporate accounting experience to the table. The Internal Revenue Code is constantly changing as new legislation is introduced and we are diligent about tracking potential new tax laws that could affect your bottom line. While preparing income tax returns each year is necessary, we feel the real value lies in staying on top of tax planning and projecting the impact for several years out.


We provide payroll services at JuvoTax CPA, as well as 1099 preparation. We prepare all necessary payroll filings and make the necessary payroll deposits. We also provide consulting to help the business owner understand the difference between workers who qualify as an employee versus workers who are independent contractors and will need a 1099 at year-end.


Sales tax rates and the rules governing use tax vary by city, county, and state and are subject to change. Upon city and state audit many business owners are responsible for paying back use tax, interest, and penalties because most business owners either do not understand use tax or are doing it improperly. We can help by making sure your business has the proper policies in place to capture all instances where use tax needs to be paid.


JuvoTax CPA specializes in consulting projects for our clients designed to keep our clients aware of their current financial condition, where their business is going, and where their business can go. Consulting includes projects such as:

  • Historical cash flow analysis
  • Cash flow projections
  • Tax audit support
  • Start-up support and analysis
  • M&A Consulting
  • Part-time CFO services

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